New Blogger friendly Ad networks with Fast Approval

For a new blogger it is tough to find good Ad networks with fast approval. Here are few Ad networks with fast approval.

Propeller Ads 

This company provides one of the best “integration” for Ad network companies and the best chance for new blogs to earn. They have one of the best systems and an amazing interface to help you set up and find all the tools you need.

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Since 2003, Bidvertiser has been handling advertisements for various business and working with different blogs. It works with different types of Ads which you can choose from when setting up. In order to be approved:

● You need to have non-pornographic content that's also legal.

● You'll have to verify your website, your phone, and email.
● Enter the code then begin working with them.

The approval process is very fast and once it's done, you can start displaying the ads on your blog immediately. 

This Ad company has been in operation for over a decade and they have a huge success rate. For upcoming blogs, this is a great platform because of their feature which includes:

● No payment fees for set up

● No minimum traffic is required

● Various forms of advertising to choose from

● The combination of a smart targeting system and contextual ads that ensure you get results within the shortest time
● They cover a wide range of business sectors which can easily find your niche.

One of the reasons why approval rates come slow is the involvement of too much paperwork. With adversity, lack of paperwork ensures you get fast approval and set up. The requirements are also achievable which makes them great for new blogs. 

● You need child-friendly content. This excludes pornographic or illegal content.

● Domain name ownership to prove you own the website.

● A minimum of 50000 views every month.

Every new blog can easily attain these by getting approval from this ad network.


With these ad networks, you no longer have to be intimidated as a new blog. You can use any of them to start making money whenever you want. Businesses can also reap exposure benefits from them which will increase their popularity and expand the customer base.


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